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Ruger 10/22 » Magazinwerkzeug   1 Artikel

At a Glance: Designed to make maintenance on a Ruger® 10/22® Rotary Magazine easy Glass Filled Nylon and Metal Allen Key Compact for easy transport and storage - now with a TANDEMKROSS carrying case! If you have ever tried to take apart a 10/22® Rotary magazine you know that they come apart easy, but they can be difficult to put back together. This simple tool kit allows you to easily take apart the magazine and then put it back together with ease! This is a must have for the serious competition shooter that wants to keep their 10/22® Rotary Magazines performing in top condition. It’s important to get out the wax from bullets and any other debris that may get into a magazine after each match. This tool helps you do just that. This tool is also a must have when it comes to putting together a TANDEMKROSS "DoubleKross’ 10/22® Rotary Magazine housing. This makes the job much easier. The 10/22® magazine assembly tool can be easily stored in a range bag or gun case, making on-the-go magazine maintenance and cleaning easy.
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Ruger 10/22 » Magazinwerkzeug   1 Artikel
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